You're my Robin

Darren McLean
October, 2001

I hope you understand, when you're older. Why your dad has maybe grown colder.

You're so young, too young to understand. I ask you if you have any questions about us. You always say something cute, so maybe it's too early. That's ok. I want you to be a little boy, for as long as I can have you that way.

I want you to know I never wanted this. Also, that you were the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

You gave me a reason to get up every day, and live. You still are that reason.

Sometimes you may think that I am a little strict with you. Sometimes my patience is a little thin. I wasn't always like this Jake. I've just been through some rough times lately. Not having you and your mother in my life daily was tougher on me than anyone knows. I always tried not to show that to you. I didn't want to scare you.

I want you to know that you were not the reason your mother and I stopped living together. In fact, you may be the only reason we were together as long as we were. But I love you both, with all my heart. There is nothing in this world that I care about more than the two of you.

But you Jacob - You're my Robin. After all life's done to me and all I've been through, you are the youthful innocence and wide-eyed wonder that I lost a long time ago. That's why Batman always had a Robin. Just to remind him.

I Love you Buddy.

Love Dad.